Happy New Year! Changes coming in 2014

To all of the beautiful and talented students (and future students) of Glow Dance and Fitness Studios – Welcome to 2014!

We’re excited to announce a few changes for this year:
– Glow Studios will now be accepting payments via PayPal.
– Thursday beginner classes will now start at 7:30. Please arrive at 7:15 in order to take care of registration so that classes may begin on time.
– Thursday intermediate classes will now start at 8:30.
– We will be implementing a new punch card system for classes. If you’re registered with the studio, you’ll be receiving an e-mail with more information regarding this process.

If you have any questions regarding any of these changes, please contact Sabeeya (sabeeya@glowdancestudios.com)

Happy New Year! We look forward to shimmying with you soon!

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