What do I wear?

You will want to wear comfortable, stretchy workout clothes, similar to what you would wear to a yoga class. You should avoid anything that is excessively baggy, as it is beneficial to be able to see your body lines. You do not have to bare your belly. Some students do because it is easier to see what muscles they are using.

You will also want to wear ballet slippers or modern dance shoes to protect your feet. It is also recommended that you wear a hip scarf/coin sash. Not only are they shiny and jingly—and what lady doesn’t love a little bling—the coins also are a tell-tale indicator of whether you are isolating correctly. For your convenience, coin sashes are available for purchase at the studio. You can also wear harem pants, wrap skirts, choli tops and other dance wear.

Where is your studio?

Glow Dance and Fitness Studios is now located off of Windy Hill near 75/285!! The physical address is 1800 Water Place, Suite 150, Atlanta GA 30339.

Join the e-mail list to receive updates about when classes will be available in the new location. The calendar will also be updated, so check back often.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, and credit cards are accepted at the door. If you’d like to pay by PayPal prior to the start of class, that can be arranged as well. Please contact Sabeeya for more details.

How big are classes?

Classes range in size, but it will be less than 30 students. We have not had to turn anyone away, but we want everyone to be able to move freely without feeling like they are going to bump into another dancer.

You keep saying “her.” What about guys?

Sorry fellas, but all classes taught at Windy Hill are for women only. We want ladies to feel comfortable in a positive, all-female environment.

So belly dancing… that’s sexy dancing right?

Belly dancing is inherently alluring, but we are not “adult” dancers. Some dancers may be less inhibited than others, but there is nothing we will do or learn that you will be embarrassed to perform in front of your friends and family. Our classes are appropriate for ages 14 and older (dancers under the age of 18 will need a guardian’s permission).

I’m nervous about dancing. I’ve never done this before. What do I do?

Everyone started out as a beginner at one time. Belly dancing is a very different style of dance than you may be used to. You will be retraining your body to move in a different way. It is not something that is mastered overnight. The intermediate and advanced dancers had to learn just like you. Everyone’s body is different, so how a move may look on me is not how it will look on you. Like with any skill, dancing requires time and practice. Everyone at Glow Dance and Fitness Studios loves to dance and is here to have fun.

Do you teach private lessons?

Yes. Contact Sabeeya to discuss what it is you would like to learn, and we can discuss scheduling and pricing structure.

Can I come in early for my class?

Out of respect for your fellow students, we cannot have interruptions during classes; therefore we require that you wait outside until the preceding class is released.

Can I observe a class? Can I bring my sister who is visiting?

No. Our classes are closed to the public. Only those enrolled and who have paid for the class are allowed to be there. If you are unsure about joining or if you want to introduce someone new to Glow Dance and Fitness Studios, please consider one of our ZUMBA®, workout, or beginner technique drop-in classes.

Is there a refund policy?

We do not want you to be miserable. If you feel that dropping out of a five- or six-week course is necessary, we can discuss a refund for the unattended classes during the first two weeks only. After the third week, you are enrolled and there are no refunds available.

If I missed a week, can I get my money back?

No. Combination and choreography courses run five and six weeks, respectively. If you miss a class, you forfeit that lesson. However, you may join the drop-in classes at any time.

Will there be performance opportunities?

ABSOLUTELY! Please check the new class schedule for performances and performance opportunities.