Choreography Courses

Choreographies allow us to break down the components of the dance and drill the combinations until the movements become second nature. Dances are generally three to four minutes in length, depending on the song and skill level. Intermediate and advanced students may be challenged with additional layered movements.

Technique Courses

Technique courses are where we will explore the proper technique for fundamental moves of belly dance. Proper belly dance technique is about isolation and endurance. Belly dance separates your torso, causing your shoulders and your hips to move independently, unlike Western dance. Technique classes are not just for beginners either. Advance students will be challenged with the addition of multiple layers, balancing objects and sometimes both. If the lady next to you is learning a hip shimmy, as an intermediate or advanced student you may be adding a chest circle or camel while balancing a sword. Technique courses will also feature short combinations that bring together the moves that you have learned.